Jan. 16, 2018

THIS COMES OF THE "Coast to Coast" Radio Show Web Site.  You should visit there sometime.  They have some really interesting things there. Here is their site to visit:

Here is the Video of the Flying Humanoid in Mexico:

Here is what Coast to Coast say about it:

A weird video from Mexico has gone viral as some believe the footage shows a flying humanoid hovering in the sky, but not everyone is convinced.

The strange scene was captured in the city of Mexicali by a motorist who caught sight of the weird tubular anomaly, that, at times, looks like a person either with their legs extended or in a sitting position.

As one can imagine, the fantastic nature of the footage has led some UFO enthusiasts to conclude that, indeed, it is a flying humanoid, possibly of the extraterrestrial kind.

Since such UFOs are represent something of a rarity, the video has seemingly sparked the imagination of many online as the footage has spread like wildfire over the last few days.

Skeptics, however, have stepped forward to put a proverbial pin in what they see as likely to be a literal balloon.

Specifically, scrupulous UFO video analyst Scott Brando says that the 'flying humanoid' in question could have simply been a stormtrooper balloon that got away.

Before UFO fans roll their eyes at what sounds like an almost dismissive answer, Brando, to his credit, actually found footage of just such a scenario unfolding and it does bear an uncanny resemblance to the Mexicali flying humanoid.

Nonetheless, the case, of course, remains unsolved until either a spaceman lands somewhere near Mexicali or someone stumbles upon a deflated stormtrooper balloon flapping in the breeze.

What's your take on the odd video? Flying humanoid or runaway stormtrooper?

Jan. 15, 2018

DO YOU WANT TO DEVELOP a better sense of Telepathy ?  It can be learned.  The more you practise, the more nuro pathways you develop to be good at it.  We can communicate with people - animals - spirit guides - the Universal Consciousness - disembodied friends or loved ones - plants and everything else. BUT, there is a method for it.  Jan DeSanti speaks on Telepathy, what it is and how to, and the Language of Light.

Listen here and learn how to start out:

Jan. 13, 2018


Robert Miles talked about his Invitations by an Extra Terrestrial to come with her to an Alien world and participate in a Briefing.  It is a phenomenal and emotional story.  It also gives us the solution to what ails this planet and it's inhabitants.  We also talked about the new Feature Movie he is in the process of making.  The Movie is called: "STARSEED", and will divulge what this world could be like if all the Lifesaving and Freedom Promoting technologies that are hidden from us, were given to us for our benefits.  This is a MUST SEE and HEAR.


Jan. 9, 2018



Senate Document 264 of 1936 explains very clearly that basically all Agricultural Soil is Depleted of the Life Giving Trace Minerals and Regular Minerals - and that was already back in 1936.  Imagine how bad it is now.  Trace Minerals and Regular Minerals are absolutely needed for us to stay healthy and strong, and we are not getting it.  Why do you think half the people (in the USA, Mexico and many other countries at least) over 50 are on 5 to 15 Pharmaceuticals and overweight ?  The food we eat is starving us.  Our body is telling us it needs more nutrients so we eat more and more, but we are getting a lot of volume and little nutrients.  It has been proven scientifically that Vitamins without Minerals are basically useless to the body.  Our Vegetables, grains, eggs, milk, fruit, bread, and all other food COME FROM THE SOIL.  Even we come from the Soil.  If you are a woman, and do not take a Complete Mineral Supplement System which includes all Trace Minerals you are almost sure to end up with Osteoporosis (for some reason men are holding up better with that, but we get it too). Therefore we NEED to take a supplement which has ALL Minerals in it, and it MUST be Organic Plant Minerals.  Not from rock.  We can not eat rock.  Plants eat rock.  I get my Liquid Mineral Supplements from  - -  They are huge, have the best quality and prices.  If you use my Discount Code, you will even have a 10% Discount.  The Code is: AAK6NP.

CLICK BELOW AND READ THE SENATE DOCUMENT.  You will have bigger print and can read better if you go to Full Screen:

Jan. 8, 2018


Jim has created some Phenomenally interesting Video Documentaries, which explains the inner workings of much of what we do not understand.  CLICK BELOW AND HAVE A LOOK: