Jun. 26, 2017

WE ARE INTERVIEWING Jonas Ogland from Norway.  He has researched the Secret Technologies the NAZI developed - the Flying Discs - Die Motorstoppel - the Clystron Tube (directional EM Pulse Gun) the Anti Gravity Engine and a lot more.  And Adolf hitler did not die in the Bunker.  He got a new identity from the Pope, and escaped to South America where he lived out his days.  Under "Operation Paperclip" the American government took in a large number of German scientists, politicians, doctors, high ranking officers with special skills, and they started to work for the USA.  To hear the rest of the story, click below and listen: 

Jun. 22, 2017

THIS CONFERENCE CALL was done in 2015.  It is 2 hours and 49 minutes long, and filled with Pearls for the seeker.  The Master Mind Principle is well explained from 23 minutes into it, what we can do as a family - group - society - to create great things for us.

Click below, turn up the volume and sit back and listen - or listen while you do something else:

And after that, get the Rest of the story on how to Plan ahead Create a wonderful life by engaging and reaching in to the Universal Storehouse of Creative Energies and bringing things back into your life.

Check out this Book:

Jun. 20, 2017

AN ALIEN "MUMMIFIED" BODY HAS BEEN FOUND AT NAZCA PERU.  In Cat-Scan, it show a Bone structure underbeath.  There is ABSOLUTE no questions on this one. 

Click the link below and see the Video:

Jun. 19, 2017

VALERIE BONWICK is returning to the show.  She has written 3 books on Atlantis, the culture, how they lived and what they do now after the destruction of their Island Continent.  Valerie has contact with one of the people from the "New Atlantis" which they have built within a Dome under the water.  This man from the under-water Atlantean society has taught her many Healing Arts, and we discuss this on her interview: 

Look at her Books here:

1) The Sea Gods After Atlantis.

2) Training Of An Adept

3) The Teachings Of The Sea Gods

Go and listen here:

Jun. 5, 2017

MARIA PAU'S PHENOMENAL JOURNEY from Drug Addiction, what she did to Recover to great success as an Author, Life Coach and Substance Abuse Counselor in Australia.  This is a horrendous story of dispair, and she explaines what she did to recover to become the successful person she now is, with not only hope and resolve for people with addictions, but for Mankind as a whole.  And took "stepping out of the box - - - ."  Maria is a four times Best Selling Author, and her books will inspire anyone to turn their lives around.  Everyone knows someone, friend, relative or Loved one, who has a Substance Abuse problem.  There is no better gift we can give them than her first book: "Kill The Addiction Before It kills you":

Click below and listen: