Oct. 20, 2017

This Radio Interview on "The Natural Healing Show" in England, gets into "Epigenetics" which explains the science behind "Spontaneous Remission", "Instant healing", and how we can heal any infliction and disease by the way we think and what we allow to "fester" in our mind.  "Epigenetics" is born out of better understanding of Neuro Science and Quantum Physics.  When people are starting to understand how the mind and brain interacts with the body, this is becoming quite a reliable healing method. 


Oct. 19, 2017

IH THIS VIDEO I speak on How to Reverse the Aging Process as the Nobel Prize was given for it's discovery, the real Power of the Mind, spontaneous heling, turning off bad genetic markers by using the Mind, how to "trick" the body into healing and rebuilding itself, and a lot of other things we are not supposed to know about:


Oct. 18, 2017

HERE IS MY BOOK on "Spiritual Science Higher Conscious Thinking and How to Access the Universal Consciousness".  This book changes lives, and here are the Secrets of the Universe in it:

CONCEPTS WRITTEN ABOUT IN THIS BOOK How the universe downloaded all its knowledge into my mind - How to design your life experience the way you want it to be, before you have to live it - until now, mostly undiscovered Universal Success Principles - Creation - What was created at the "Big Bang" - Who was "Jesus", and what did he look like, according to the obscure Roman writings, and other non-biblical records? - Who / what is "God"? - - - Who really created the first Bible? - Who / what are you? - Who created you? - What is the Physical world made of? - What is Universal Consciousness? - How to use the right techniques to access the Universal Consciousness to manifest good things in your life - "Pearls of wisdom" and Success principles you can only learn by talking to Billionaires - How the Universal Consciousness speaks to you - What is the Universal Mind? - What is your "Mind"? - What is the "Power of the Mind" - How does the Subconscious Mind work? - Memory - Perfect recall of memory - How does the Super Conscious Mind work? - What is thought? - Is your life predetermined by Fate? - How does "Free Will" work for you? - What is Spiritual creation? - What is Physical creation? - Who are the "Guardians of the Soul"? - Quantum Physics explaining creation, made simple, without the equations - Can "God" be "good" and "evil" at the same time? - What really brings out "evil"? - Why do most prayers go unanswered? - How to pray - What is the language in the Spiritual world? - What is time? - Can we manipulate time? - Time travel is possible - Starting a new "Time line" - What is hidden in the future for mankind? - Telepathy - Thought Transference - Was the "Big Bang" 14 Billion years ago, an "accident"? - What is Love? - You can transfer Love to someone else - What is "Heaven"? - What is the "Great Sea of Light"? - What is the "Soul"? - Soul memory - Pre-birth memory - Where is our real "Home"? - Awakening - Illumination - Ascension - Immortality - What is Physical "death"? - Where is "Heaven"? - There is no Spiritual "death" - Reincarnation - KARMA - The importance of Forgiveness - Who was the "Teacher of Righteousness"? - The Essenes - How do you know when you are on the right Spiritual path? - The meaning of life - and more - much more.

Oct. 18, 2017
Oct. 16, 2017

VERY INTERESTING RADIO SHOW, and funny.  We had a "blast" talking through the serious sides of life, lessons, what are we doing here, pain, spiritual awakening, once we understand what we are - than what, and what is next - - you will enjoy this interview.  It was both fun and funny.  And - check out his last book: "About Life".