This is what a rainbow looks like from the cockpit of an airplane at 5000 ft., while flying in to light rain while the sun is shining on it. Please enjoy.

Me at the TV station where I was hosting and producing two TV shows for six years. Good memories - - gooooood memories from there. It was so much fun.

Here is the flight operation a partner and I had in Minneapolis, with a twin engine pressurized Cessna we used for Executive Air Charter in front.

Here is the worlds largest airplane. The Russian made ANTONOF 225

Here are two of our airplanes at our flight school in Minneapolis. A Piper Cherokee 6 and a Cessna 152, both used mostly for training.

Here is the Front Cover of one of the books I wrote: "Spiritual Science, Higher Conscious Thinking And How To Access The Universal Consciousness". Read what it is all about at:

Me and friends at a party in Tucson, Arizona

Me at the Roy Rogers museum, and the stuffed remains of Roy's horse: Trigger, and the dog: Rex and Roy and Dale Evans. Well, they did not stuff Dale and Roy.

Here is the Cougar we had for a pet, for a while, in Minneapolis.

Here is the house I grew up in on the farm back in Norway. The picture dates back to about 1960. Lots of good memories from there.

Me, in front of the radio station we had in Tucson

From back in my old flight instruction days. There is a tradition in flying. When someone go out on their first solo flight, makes three landings, and comes back with the airplane intact, there is a ceremony as they step out of the airplane. We [the instructors], cut their shirt tail off [some ti

Here is where I grew up, and lived, in Norway, until I was 25. Our farm was in the middle of the picture. This included the forested area in the middle. We had probably about a mile and a half of shore line, next to the BORGENFJORDEN [The Borgen Fjord]. Beautiful in the summer, and in the winter

Here is a result of my passion for investigation - the aliens among us. This is a NASA Print of a two mile long Cigar shaped "Mother-ship" floating across the surface of the Moon, throwing a shadow on the ground. I obtained a copy of the original Print from NASA myself, so I know it is genuine. W

Here is my RADIONIC COMPUTER. With this we could make Vitamin C from water by implanting the same frequencies and energies in the water, do away with a Cold, runny nose in 6 hours - or affect any illness in a positive way from a distance - through the Quantum Field. And now I realize - we can do t

"THERE WAS GIANTS IN THE EARTH IN THOSE DAYS". Yes there was, and here is some of the evidence. This is one of the more covered up issues of our time. The pictures and artifacts are there for everyone to see.

HERE I AM sitting in an Aero Commander 500. It was a - - noisy, but great flying airplane.

HERE IS A PICTURE of an alien craft from Alcyone, given to me by a high ranking US Naval Intelligence officer. It is a Science Exploration craft, holding a crew of 50. It is more than 100 feet across.

HERE IS A PATENT, filed and granted, with the US Patent Bureau. It a Flying Disc shape craft [obviously to be observed as a UFO if it was seen in the air]. I have found close to 100 patented Flying Discs, filed and granted by the US Patent Bureau.

IN 1978, Eystein [Steve] Snoen - a good friend from back in the "Old Country" of Norway - came and visited me at our Flight operation in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In 2015, Eystein [Steve] Snoen came and visited me in Tucson, Arizona. Some 37 years later since the first time. have we gotten older, or just more -- mature??

IS THIS what an alien looks like when you REALLY STRIP HIM DOWN? This is supposed to be a scull sitting in a museum in Brazil. [????]

THIS LITTLE ALIEN [GREY] did not quite make it through the crash of his craft

HERE IS A NASA PRINT of a Pyramid on the Moon. In the upper middle of the picture you can clearly see it. Who are the Pyramid Builders? And - - you do not build Pyramids in Space Suits. THERE IS AIR ON THE MOON. I have been saying for the last several years, that there is an Air pressure simila

HERE IS A NASA PRINT of the surface of Mars. It shows clearly a form of vegetation. These "trees" put out a Honey-like substance that is used for food by the creatures living there. Some of the "trees" can be very tall - up to 100 to 150 feet [30 - 45 meters]

NOT ALL "UFO'S" ARE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL CRAFTS. This one was made by the German Black Sun Association within the German war machine, in or about 1943 - 1944. It is a "Hauneby III". From the picture you can see the size of it. The "Thule Mercury Engine" in it created a Plasma Bobble wherein gravity

HERE IS THE GERMAN "HAUNEBU IV". The Germans made only two of these at the end of the war. These were full fledged space crafts. They had established a base on the moon by the end of the war. That facility was a huge building shaped like a big Swastica. In the last several months of the war, th

YES, THERE "WERE GIANTS in those days". This scull was found in the desert of Iraq. These were even bigger than the Anunnaki, which were only 9 to 12 feet tall.

HERE IS A PICTURE OF AN ALIEN corpse. This little guy was captured in Mexico, close to Mexico City. He was caught in a small animal trap, and could not get lose. The "creature" was sitting there and screaming. The farmer who captured him did not want to let him lose, so he tried to drown, while

Here is an other picture of the same alien while caugth in the trap. The creature is about 2 feet long. The brain was very developed and sizable for the kind of body it had.

BILLI MAYER from Switzerland took this photo of a Flying Disc, piloted by a lady named "Semjase" from the Pleiades. These ships were called Beam Ships. They were said to travel from the Pleiades to Earth in a few hours.

THIS IS supposed to be the worlds biggest cat. It is a LIGER. That is the offspring of a Tiger and a Lion. It is extremely rare, but it does happen. This cat can be 10 feet tall if she was standing on her hind legs.

INTERRESTING !!! No, it is not a fake or photo shop. It is sitting in a museum. It is a real scull. It looks like a "Humanoid" scull, even though it is slightly smaller than a human scull. This picture, and another one of the same kind, has been around for a very long time. I am getting that it

CROP CIRCLES is a familiar term for most people. Still, we do not know how they are created. They show up all over the world, but mostly in England. They even show up in the winter in the snow. Of course, than we call them "Snow Circles". It appears as there is a language or a code in the desig

NOW, HERE IS A SINGLE MOTHER and sole provider, with four children, in the wilderness. It is a hard life. All on her shoulders.

I WANT TO HONOR a good friend back in Europe - in Norway. He is most likely the reason I left Norway to follow my dream in the USA. We did a lot together for many years, until I left the country. He was taking flying lessons, and I was able to ride along in the back seat. After two rides, I knew

I am sorry for the size and poor quality of this picture. HERE YOU SEE A EXTREMELY LARGE BIRD - Just about 20 feet from wing tip to wing tip. You can see the man standing next to the bird, and the bird is a lot bigger. The picture dates back to 1980 in Argentina. This is most likely the "Thunderb

HERE I AM in Norway on a visit, holding up an areal photo of my old farm, as a gift to my uncle. He is standing next to me. He is in his high 90's, perfectly healthy, running his own affairs.

ME AT MY HOME IN TUCSON. The lady in the middle created the painting behind us. The painting is of Princess Diana, after her passing on, and in spirit form. It is a very interesting painting - - close up.

NOW, HERE IS A CAR FULL OF CATS. Wouldn't they be fun to have around?

PYRAMIDS ON THE MOON? Yes, we have seen NASA Prints of it. Here is another picture which has been around for a while. I had a colored copy of a NASA print [not the original] showing the three pyramids on the Moon. I no longer have that specific copy, so this is a copy of a copy. I have also seen

A HOLE IN THE STREET? No, it all an artist's painting on the street. This is what I call "street are". I wonder how many people had problems driving out on this "hole"?

THANKSGIVING DINNER: This year, 2015, I spent Thanksgiving at the "Tree of Life Rejuvination Center" in Patagonia Arizona. Dr. Gabriel Cousens is the head of the resort. It was a "Pot Luck" so we all brought something to eat, and shared. The picture enclosed here show one of the tables. At this

NOW, ISN'T THAT CUTE ? These are 2 African Cheetah kittens.

IS THIS A FAIRY ? I have problems with this one, but it looked interesting. It looks like a small humanoid creature / thing, which has the same physical characteristics as a small person - - with wings. If you put the microscope on it, it becomes apparent that the bone structure has cartilage and

CAN YOU SEE THE "GHOST" ? A picture from the grave yard "Boot Hill" in Arizona. Behind the "gunslinger", there is a little guy trying to work his way out of the ground. That grave yard is famous for its pictures with "strange things" in it.

CAN YOU SEE THE "GHOST" ? Here is another one where the "Ghost" can be seen above and behind her head. The story is that it is her husband who is showing up in the picture behind her. Maybe he just comes around ever so often, to check on her. When Love is strong, that is what happens.


And as always, do your own research to confirm its authenticity.  With the creative ability of Photo Shop, it is hard to know what is real these days.

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