HERE ARE TWO "KIRILIAN" PHOTOS of me. It is the evidence that what we think about most strongly, affects our vibration, Aura (bio Electro Magnetic Field). The photo on the bottom is my normal Aura. I have many pictures of that one over the years. The second photo was taken about 6 hours later - or so. I wanted to do an experiment and see if I could change the Aura by what I was thinking. The most drastic color change would be to Red, Brown or Black. Black would be a highly developed Cancer, Deep Despair, intention of suicide and the like. I would not know how to do that. Brown is disease of many different forms. I am perfectly healthy, so I would not know how to do that either. Now, Red is the color of extreme Anger and extreme Sexual desire. Anger is something I have pretty much gotten rid of. But Sexual desire - - that I could do. There was a very good looking lady taking the pictures, and in my mind I "went to town" on her. The result is the Red picture on top here. This proves to me that what we think about - - the most strongly, affects our vibration, Aura, our mental state, health and what we are able to create. We must be careful with what we allow to rest in our mind, because that is what we will have in our life. If this does not explain it, I do not know what will - - .
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