THIS IS THE "BAGHDAD BATTERY". It was found in Iraq almost 100 years ago. It is estimated to be from about 250 BC (+ - 250 years). It is a regular pot, with two forms of electrodes - - one iron and one copper. Than they filled the jar with juice or Vinegar as an Electrolyte. This created the acid that would start a flow of electrons. The equipment has been duplicated and been tested to produce one ( 1 ) Volt. If there were more than one battery hooked up in series, there could be produced several Volts. This show that if it was used for Electroplating, it would Electroplate a small object in two hours. This is what most people think it was used for, but there could have been used for other things. It can be used for Electro Therapy or Acupuncture. That is also very likely.