HERE IS ONE DRAWING of the "Charles Pogue Carburetor". It was patented in 1930 by number 1,750,354, and a newer version in 1933 by 1,938,497. It got 204 miles per gallon in a Ford V8 at\s the test results at Ford Motor Company show. It is not a carburetor actually, it is a Vaporizer. The fuel is heated and Vapor goes in to the engine. That creates a lot better burning of the fuel, to the tune of 10 times plus. If you have a machine shop or know someone who does, go to the web site of: and look at all the pictures of the component parts and the explanations of how it works. hey folks: Patented in 1930 - - 204 miles per gallon - - and you are still getting 20 to 30 mpg on your car. Are you "pissed" yet ? Some one "screwed you, but nobody kissed you. Write to the car manufacturers and ask why ????????