THIS IS A PAINTING of the man called "Count Saint Germain". He was born in 1710 and throughout his life is known to have used several names. He appears to have been the son of Francis II Rakosczi, the Prince of Transylvania. He was an Alchemist and is said to be able to "create" Gold and Diamonds - - because he had a lot of it. He very often gave Gold nuggets and Diamonds away as gifts to people. He is also said to have been observed in person over a period of 250 years or more. He was an excellent violinist, spoke 12 languages, no one ever saw him eat, he was sitting for long periods of time looking at the Sun, he showed several people a method of Physical Regeneration to be Immortal. He himself had told people he was more than 500 years old. He is supposed to have died in 1784, but left nothing behind and there was no funeral. There was just the rumor of him having died. He was observed and heard from in many places after that, including all the way up to 1995.