HERE IS THE "SHROUD OF TURIN". It is a long, originally white, burial cloth which many Christians think is the burial cloth of "Jesus Christ". Well, the Radio Carbon Dating done in 1988, places the Shoud to the Middle Ages between 1260 and 1390. It was first put on display in 1357 in France. The Negative Image on it was first discovered in 1898 on the reversed photographic plate of an amateur photographer who was allowed to take a picture of it. The man showing up in the image on the Shroud, is estimated to be 5.7 to 6.2 feet tall. Reddish brown stains are found on the cloth, from wounds on the body and limbs. Pictures has been taken since, and get the same effects. It has also been tried to duplicate the effects on the cloth, and it was successful, BUT that was by using chemicals and methods not available Centuries ago.
You make up your mind. There is much to consider here.