THIS IS A MEDICAL BILL from the United States. This person had to go to the Emergency Room after a Rattle Snake bite. Let me try to explain WHY and HOW this is possible. Look at this bill, and the Dollar amount !! If you are in the USA, you might tell me: "Yes - - and your point is - - ? If you are anywhere else in the world - - you just might be falling off the chair laughing by now, at how stupid the Americans are to allow this to happen. If this were to happen in Panama, it would cost you at most $100 (plus the Taxi cab fair to get to the hospital / medical clinic). I have seen how it works there. I am not a proponent of Communist (Socialized) health care, where the Doctor is only the recommending link, and the state decide everything for you. Health care in most countries are free or nearly free, but the government bleed the producers to pay for it through heavy taxation. In the USA there is choice in what to do, but it is overcharge 50% to 90 % more than it should be. A medication in the USA may cost $80, and the same brand and make of medication will only cost $12 to $20 in Mexico (I know for a fact - because I have seen it). The prices of Disease management (health care) in the USA are such because of 2 reasons. 1) Corruption in government by donations to the re-election campaign for Legislators in Washington so they will do the bidding of the Pharmaceutical companies and Hospitals. 2) The people have been brain washed to sleep thinking it is OK because the Insurance companies pay for it. The ones who has no insurance, which is almost half the population now, has no voice. They do not count. It would be so simple to redesign the Health care system to work for everyone. This is one thing I pointed out when I got on the ballot and ran for Congress, but no one listened.