DO YOU STILL WANT Flouride in your Drinking Water ? The German NAZI put it in the food and water for the prisoners in the Concentration camps. They used it to "Numb" the minds of the prisoners, so they did not care about anything that was done to them. Is anyone able to draw the connection here ? About 95% of all countries in Western Europe has BANNED Flouride from being added to food or drink, because it is classified as a Neuro-toxin. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ALSO classifies Flouride as a Neuro-Toxin, and it is so toxic that they do not let the manufacturer dispose of it Anywhere if it is not encased in Glass or Concrete. That is expensive. So the Manufacturer concocted a story, and paid for a study (yes - they paid for it) to show that it was good for your teeth. They corrupted the study (if you read it, you will find it was inconclusive), so they can put one of the most toxic substances on Earth in your Drinking Water. Hei - it is much cheaper to get rid of this this way - - - .