SEVERAL DECADES ago Cleve Backster did many experiments with plants. A book was written about it: "The Secret Life Of Plants". His scientific experiment found that the Plants have LIFE, INTELLIGENCE, and in fact can know your thoughts.
He hooked up plants to a Lie Detector, and the plant acted as a human would, with one exception, the plant knew the future.
This is what says about the Lie Detector:
In the 1960's, Cleve Backster was a pioneer in the art of interrogation, or suspect questioning, for the United State's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). During Backster's employment there, he and other researchers founded the CIA's first polygraph unit.

The polygraph, also known as a lie detector, is a machine that uses electrodes to monitor changes in an individual's respiratory rate, blood pressure, and galvanic skin response. When telling a lie, it is common for the autonomic nervous system to go into the fight-or-flight mode. The liar's blood pressure and heart rate increase, and they tend to sweat, a galvanic skin response. The machine uses the data gathered to calculate statistical data; the calculated data is converted into graph tracings.
Cleve hooked up the plant, he lit up a match and thought about burning the plant. The plant reacted with electrical and moisture discharges. He lit a match and thought of NOT burning the plant, and the plant had no reaction. Many other interesting experiments, you can read about in the book.