This sign is not the only one. They are popping up in many parts of the USA. This one is in Michigan. It amazes me that people who has not read the Kuran can claim to have a qualified opinion. The Kuran is not a religion, it is a way of life. It regulates every facet of their life, and tell them that if they do NOT do what it says, they will go to Hell. So before you say anything, read the Kuran, the Bible and the Torah (the Jewish faith) and you will see it was never a "Religion of Peace". Start with Kuran:
2:191-193 "And kill them where ever you find them - - " (there is more to this verse, but no room for forgiveness for an "Infidel").
2:244 "Fight in the cause of Allah - - "
3:151 "Soon we shall cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers - - - "
8:12 I will strike terror into the hearts of the ones who disbelieve, therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them - - "
8:38 "And fight them until there is not more fitna (unbelief), and religion is all for Allah - - "
9:29 and 9:30 and 9:123 and 17:16 and many many more. Their mission is one of Conquest - -. Their religion advocate beating their women, 70 year old men marrying 10 year old girls, no education for girls, parents killing their children if they embarrass them. The reason this does not happen in the western countries, and are not known to you, are that the law of the country forbids it, BUT would it happen if the law did NOT forbid it ? That is what Sharia Law is about. Europe is already being sold out and conquered. Do not let is happen on the American continent. Still, there are many good men and women of the Muslim faith. I know some, good people, and I have great respect for them. They are not the fighters who wants to kill us, but they are not the ones who fight to force a change in our society. That is done by the fighters and the fanatics of their religion. They force the change.
And yes, the quotes from the Quran was taken out of context and shortened. That is why you need to read it for yourself. I did not have room to write it all. Read it and study it. Without that, you are not competent to even have an opinion.