AND HERE IS THE TEARING DOWN of the "Berlin Wall" in 1989. We were told "the people" had enough and it was because of the people the wall came down. NO !! it was not. It was a political move by the International bankers - mainly American. They wen to the Russians and told them: "You are about to go bankrupt anyway, if you tear the wall down, and allow western business to come in to Russia, we will give you the money to rebuild your country". The Russians believed them and went for the deal. The wall came down - the Russian Stock Exchange was created - business was allowed in to Russia - Western business and International bankers stole them blind by setting up "straw-companies" with Russian "front-men" (perceived owners) and the bankers owned the stock - and the Americans and the western bankers renigged on the deal to rebuild the country - they gave them nothing.
I know - - Americans have never heard this before, because they only know one language, does not read foreign newspapers, watches 5 o'clock News and are buried in the brainwash from the 4th Branch of the American Government - - the MEDIA !