HERE IS THE RUSSIAN YAK-43. It is said to have upgraded to a 6th Generation war plane and to be put in production. It can operate from anywhere because its Vertical Takeoff capability (VTOL). It is an upgrade from the YAK-141. And the Americans are bragging about the F-35, but - - Lockheed Martin bought the design of Yak-141 from the Yakovlev Design Bureau to build F-35. So actually F-35 is a successor to Yak-141. They share the same lifting configuration and their main nozzles' rotary joints. What the Americans may have figured out by now, is that the Russians built a few weaknesses into the designs they sold the Americans. And the Stealth system is flawed, because it does not diffuse and spread the exhaust enough. It can be seen on any Heat seeking Radar, and specifically the Radar the Russians built for this specific purpose. They also put something in the "Stealth Paint" that would "Red-Flag" the airplane hundreds of miles away, and no one knows. The Russians have come up with a new form of "Stealth", based of a Plasma Field around the aircraft, not form "form" or "paint". Hopefully, the Americans have figured this out by now. This is amusing. It used to be that Russians stole American inventions. Now the Americans can not even steal , they have to buy an obsolete plane design to build it's own. OK - Stealth technology in America has been around for a long time. In about 1990 or so, I was sitting ready for takeoff in Oklahoma City. I was behind a US Military Air Force King Air 200, painted grey. They took off, and I rolled into position. The King Air in front of me was about 500 feet in the air when the Control Tower called him and told him " - - I lost Radar Contact, Squak Ident". The Captain on the Military plane came back and said something like: "Yeah, sorry, it is designed to do that. We are back on".