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Greetings Aage from Allan in Omaha. YOUR great!!

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I discovered many new things from your website. Thank you for this!

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Vanda Guzman

Hi Aage, very nice site. I enjoyed your writings. Love the pics. I could not find page 17th you must help me with that. Blessings Vanda

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FloRhonda G.

Just wanting to acknowledge I enjoy your insights just as much.. Much💜Thank U

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Kimla Dodds

Very interesting site. Am ordering your book!

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Japhy Ryder

Looking forward to our upcoming interview!

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Chris Mowrer

Enjoyed your album. Some very interesting pictures!

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Hi thanks for the blog and Web site. I learning how to maneuver via Internet.❤️

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Chris Mowrer

Enjoyed the video on diet and curing cancer

Jan. 16, 2016

Carolyn Rae

I just enjoyed reading your blog on death, grieving, and what happens. Spot on, with one exception...we can become conscious of the soup of creation in this life and dimension...our choices place us in that soup...

Jan. 16, 2016

Ed Gump

Hello Mr. Aage Nost, I ordered your book from Amazon tonight. I'm on the second reading of one of Peter Moons books' he also recommended reading it twice. If I possibly read yours 3 times, I will defiantly contact you. Peace

Dec. 11, 2015

Shelly Watson

Hello Aage :)

I love this blog! YAY

Nov. 29, 2015

Chris Mowrer

Hello Aage. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. I know Walter did!

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Ken A Kjedsen

Looking forward to futher contact

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Barb Church

Love you Aage and am grateful for all of the wonderful knowledge you share with us, thanks so very much!!!

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Aage Nost

WELCOME TO THE WEB PAGE. As of today, August , 2015, it is still under construction. During the next few days, it should be up and running. The major intention for this page is to be able to have a Blog outside of the Social media. Those of you who have
read my Blog on Facebook, will know the writings will be quite far "out of the box". So, please come back and visit. I promise you will enjoy it.