THE LARGEST PYRAMID IN THE WORLD is not the one at Giza. It may be the one in Mexico (My opinion is that it is the Bosnian Pyramid). This picture is of the top of the Pyramid in the Mexican highland at a town called Cholula. It was the 2nd largest city in the Aztec empire. Cortez called it the "Most Beautiful City outside of Spain". They started building it about 300 BC. It was built and inhabited by several cultures and giants. The Pyramid is built of Adobi Burned Bricks. Cortez invaded the city on Oct. 12, 1519 and killed 3,000 people. It was 10 % of its inhabitants. The Pyramid is 450 Meter (1476 feet) wide - - 66 Meter (216 feet) tall. It is said to be 4 times larger than The Great Pyramid at Giza.