THESE PICTURES were found in the NAZI German Archives after the war, and somehow made it into public domain. It is supposed to be early photos of the German discovery of a large underground cavern in Antarctica. It is one of the underground cavern that the Germans started to develop (there are 3) to house a new base for development of exotic technologies and an escape colony for the Germans "if" they lost the war. Of course, the German military lost the war and capitulated to the Allied forces (the German government never capitulated and are alive and well today). The Germans started to supply the caverns in 1939 with military - people - scientists - new exotic technologies - their "Flying Discs" - "Free Energy" - life extension technologies - so there are well over 2,000,000 German people in their Antarctica Base at Neue Schwabenland, anlso called "Base 211". The NAZI Germans now have integrated themselves into the upper levels of governments and military in several countries, so they trade and travel freely with Passports from Germany - USA and other countries. NAZI German Navy Admiral, Karl Donitz told us before the end of the war: "The German Submarine Fleet is proud to have built for the Fuhrer, in another part of the world, a "Shang-Ri-La" on land, and inpregnable fortress". The "Secrets of Antarctica will be made public sometime in the latter part of this year - for this reason, and another reason. That is where the "Disclosure" will come from - - - - - .