Even a touch can kill. The Visha Kanyas were supposedly poisonous young women who operated as executioners in ancient India. Any contact with these toxic ladies would mean death. However, no one can say for certain where truth ends and myth begins about the historicity of these venomous assassins and the superhuman-like aura surrounding them.
Visha Kanya, literally meaning "poison maiden," comes from a disputed and disgraceful (if true) practice in which ancient Indian Kings trained girls to become assassins from an early age and gradually fed them many different types of poisons to make them immune to their lethal effects. By the time they reached puberty, these girls would have been thoroughly toxic and ready to be used as deadly human weapons.

A Visha Kanya as portrayed in the series ‘Vishkanya.’ Source:

The king who had ordered the specific process could then use the assassins against his most powerful enemies. One legend actually holds that Aristotle warned Alexander the Great about the dangers of such "venomous virgins" before the famous Greek King launched his Indian campaign. Another Indian legend even suggests that Alexander the Great died as a result of embracing a Visha Kanya that was given to him as a trophy by the defeated King Porus. The question, however, remains: What is true and what is myth regarding the poisonous assassins known as Visha Kanyas?
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