REMEMBER THE CALIFORNIA FIRES of the fall of 2017 ? This is the rim of one of the cars that burned up. The Aluminum Alloy rims MELTED !! Something is wrong here. First of all, houses burned up, but the trees standing next to the houses were not even scorched or damaged. And for the rims - made of Aluminum Alloy was melted. Aluminum melts at 1220, or so, degrees. If it is an Alloy, it could have a melting point of 1500 degrees. The problem is that the flames created by burning wood from a house will not get to a higher temperature than 950 degrees. OK, 950 degrees DOES NOT MELT THE RIMS !!! What melted the rims. Have you ever seen melted rims in a house or garage fire ? No ! We are told it was regular fires, but they lied ! In my opinion, it was either a wide Lazer Beam or a Particle Beam weapon.