Yeah - and the Pope is the right one to critisize. I have dealt with the Catholic Church, and found it to be run as a Political Tyrannical Dictatorship (no Democracy there). In their policies they are as rigid as any Government. In Rio De Janero lately, the Pope, did his sermon in Latin, and said: " - - - to Lucifer our God we pray". He has also said in a speech: " - - - to believe only in Jesus is dangerous". In decades and Millennia past the Catholic church executed or bodily punished women with strong intuition (psychics), they executed people who talked about other people / aliens coming down from the sky because the church had determined those to be "Satan" or Demons, they also killed or excommunicated people with other opinions than what it says in the Book (Bible). Now the Pope is saying: "The Alien is my brother". Over the millennia, the Catholic Church has plundered, brutalized and murdered almost half as much as the Muslim religion. WHEN WILL MANKIND GROW UP ???