DID YOU KNOW THAT OUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS WORTH MILLIONS ? Well, there is some truth to that. When you were born, the Federal Government estimated your future earning capacity, put a Dollar amount on that or whatever country you are in, they used the currency you use, and than they created that amount of currency - stuck that in a special account (Your Social Security Account or "Person nummer" or other Person number different countries are using), and use that as a collateral to borrow money against. In the USA, it was written up in the Social Security Act of 1935 Section 501, the value of collateral for each Live Birth was set at $ 1,8 Million. Section 502 allowed the Government to increase the value of YOU by $ 1 Million per year thereafter. I have had this research for two decades. The text is altered now, but I am sure it is the same. They are very good at hiding things, so i had to get deep into the sub-paragraphs to find it. It is the only way they can keep borrowing - with you as collateral. Remember the Grace Commission ? They found that every Penny the Government takes in by taxes, goes to pay the Interest on the Government debt. It is still that way. So they have to borrow - and borrow. The Government debt was never intended to be paid back.
It's a scam, folks.