NASA HAS RELEASED much of the "Giga-Pan" pictures taken by the Rover on Mars. There are people who are magnifying the pictures looking for "things" in it that does not make sense. This is one of those. I got this from the "Coast to Coast AM" Radio web site. This looks like two Aliens on Mars. Many are complaining, "why are the pictures not more clear" ? Well, the "Giga-Pan" pictures come from the wide scn of pictures, and many of the images are up to a mile away from the Rover taking the picture. Than they magnify and magnify the picture until they run out of Pixels, and we get an unclear photo like this. BUT - it still is clear enough to show it does not look like natural rock. This is what Coast to Coast say about it:
An indefatigable anomaly hunter believes that he may have spotted the proverbial holy grail of oddities on Mars: actual aliens.

Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily noticed what appear to be two humanoid figures captured in an image from the Mars Curiosity Rover.

He speculates that the figures may not necessarily be living Martians and could simply be statues, although such artwork would have had to survive on the surface of the Red Planet for a very long time.

As with previous finds from anomaly hunters on Mars, which constitute a veritable junk drawer of 'alien objects' by now, skeptics will no doubt argue that the 'ETs' are merely a product of pareidolia and that they are, at their core, just rocks.

While that may very well be the case, it shouldn't stop one from taking a moment to daydream about what, if those really are aliens, the Martians were thinking when they saw a strange rover come barreling over the horizon.
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