HMMMMMMMMM !! I know what almost everyone will say, looking at this picture. Photoshop !! And that is what most everyone who are watching 5 O'clock News will say. And they are most likely right. BUT - for us who are getting our news and research material from behind the "curtain" of Alternative News, this is perfectly possible. We know from the surviving NAZI German records, that the NAZI were doing Genetic experimentation to create a White Super Soldier. Also, from whistle blowers and pictures we know that the Dulse Underground Base in New Mexico is a joint Extra Terrestrial (ET) and American Research station. On the 5th Level down, they are doing Genetic Experimental Research on humans and ET's. Some of the results are grotesque . Humans with no eyes - no hands - heart on the outside of the body - ET's with Blue eyes and only one leg and other strange creations. The reason I mention this is that with the technology already developed, creating this creature in the picture, is perfectly possible. But - I am with you on this one. It is probably Photoshop.