There are hundreds of books teaching you how to become a Millionaire.  I have not found one that will teach you how to get inside the Mind of a Billionaire, except this one.  You will learn many of their habits, principles, mind techniques and things many of them do every day to reach into, and Brain-storm with the Universal Consciousness for wisdom, guidance, to open doors and manifestation for the good of all.  I have a saying: "If you think like the masses think, you will be like the masses are.  If you do what the masses do, you will have what the masses have."  Are you sure you want that ?  Turn a corner.  Find out what the Super successful people do, and do that - - - .

Read the book: "Universal Success Principles, And How Billionaires think."

Get it at: www.toolsforfreedom.com/success-principles-and-how-billionaires-think-p/9085.htm